Sharp Cooking is your personal cooking app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPod).

Create or update a recipe

Creating or adjusting a recipe is as simple as it gets. Sharp Cooking’s simplicity demand that we only have the absolutely required fields: Image, Title, Source, Ingredients, Instructions, and Notes. There are, however, a few conventions that will help your recipes look and work the best within Sharp Cooking:

  1. Start each ingredient with a number followed by a unit of measure. e.g.: 5 grams salt
  2. Separate ingredients by a new line
  3. Keep ingredient description short. Use the notes fields for any lengthy description or explanation
  4. Separate instructions by a new line. This is important so that Sharp Cooking will show each step in the timeline correctly
  5. When denoting time in instructions use the following syntax where x is a number: x min; x minute; x minutes; x hour; x hours; x day; x days

Android add new recipe

View a recipe

Sharp Cooking displays recipes using a timeline style which helps you know exactly when to start or continue cooking your recipe and breaks it down nicely in easy to consume bits.

Android view recipe

The multiplier feature

Use the multiplier feature when you want to cook more or less of a recipe. For instance, if you want half the servings, use the multiplier 0.5. If you want double the servings, use 2.

Android multiplier feature

Cooking start time feature

To start cooking later but know exactly when it will be done later, use the start time feature. Just pick when you want to start cooking and Sharp Cooking will calculate all the steps. You can further adjust the interval between steps without time in the Settings page.

Android start time


Android settings

Creating a backup to keep your recipes safe

Sharp Cooking was designed for privacy, therefore, all of your data is only available in your device. In the interest of ensuring you remain in control of your data, Sharp Cooking does not automatically backs up your recipes. Instead, you need to use the Backup feature in the Settings page, it will trigger an iOS or Android file save and allow you to select your favorite file store provider such as ICloud Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Restoring a backup

Caution: if successful, the restore will replace all existing recipes with the ones in the backup file.

In case you made any mistake or something is wrong with your recipes, you can use the Restore feature in the Settings page to restore your last backup. A valid backup is a zip file created by the Sharp Cooking app. When you choose this option, it will ask you to choose which file provider and file to use. That’s it. That’s it. Your full recipe book will be restored.

Choosing between decimal or fractions

Some people like decimals like 1.5 and other people prefer fractions like 1 and 1/2. Regardless of preference, Sharp Cooking can show your recipe ingredient quantities just right. Just tap this feature in the Settings page to toggle between the two modes.

Setting the default time between steps

Each step in the cooking process takes some time, from gathering ingredients, to prep and actual time in an oven, flame, fridge… You get the idea. The primary difference between Sharp Cooking and other apps is its timeline-based display. To that end, Sharp Cooking assign 5 minutes by default between steps where time information (e.g. “bake for 30 min”) is not given. You can adjust this time in the Settings page. Note that any value provided is treated as minutes.

Importing recipes from the internet

In version 1.1 we introduced an option where you can import recipes from supported websites. As of now, you can import from:

Don’t see your favorite website on this list? Email Our Support Team to request support for it.

The feature is very simple, you provide the URL of a recipe from any of the support websites and sharp-cooking will do the rest. It is smart enough to break down the ingredients and steps for you so all you have to do is save.

Android start time


Can I import recipes from websites?

Yes! This feature was introduced in version 1.1.

Can I import recipes from other apps?

No. This is a feature being considered for a future release.

Can I share recipes with image to another Sharp Cooking user?

Not yet. This feature will be introduced in version 1.4 which should be released soon.

What languages is Sharp Cooking translated into?

At the moment, English and Brazilian Portuguese. Expected translations for the near future are: Spanish, French, and Italian.

What are the features to be released in the next releases?

The Changelog page has a road map list with items being considered for future releases.

Contact developer

If you didn’t find what you needed here, please email Our Support Team and we will try to help.