Sharp Cooking
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Why are there 2 different apps

The original app was published to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. While the cost of maintaining developer licenses are not high, there is a small cost. Since the app is completely free and without ads, paying for the license doesn’t make any sense. Unfortunately, there is no way to continue publishing to the app stores without a license so Sharp Cooking was rewritten using web technologies which can also be installed in many devices.

For more details, see the blog post Rewriting SharpCooking from Xamarin to PWA - Part 1.

Can I keep using the older app?

Yes, you can. It is highly recommended that you use the new app as all new features will only be available in the new app.

Can I support the developers?

Yes. Spread the word.

Can I help?

Sharp Cooking is open source and you can contribute to it in the GitHub repository.

Contact developer

Create an issue in the GitHub repository.

What are the features to be released in the next releases?

Please see the GitHub repository.