Sharp Cooking
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Create or update a recipe


Creating or adjusting a recipe is as simple as it gets. Sharp Cooking’s simplicity demand that we only have the absolutely required fields: Image, Title, Source, Ingredients, Instructions, and Notes. There are, however, a few conventions that will help your recipes look and work the best within Sharp Cooking:

  1. Start each ingredient with a number followed by a unit of measure. e.g.: 5 grams salt
  2. Separate ingredients by a new line
  3. Keep ingredient description short. Use the notes fields for any lengthy description or explanation
  4. Separate instructions by a new line. This is important so that Sharp Cooking will show each step in the timeline correctly
  5. When denoting time in instructions use the following syntax where x is a number: x min; x minute; x minutes; x hour; x hours; x day; x days
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Import from website

In version 1.1 we introduced an option where you can import recipes from supported websites. As of now, you can import from:

The feature is very simple, you provide the URL of a recipe from any of the support websites and sharp-cooking will do the rest. It is smart enough to break down the ingredients and steps for you so all you have to do is save.

Android import