Sharp Cooking
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View a recipe

Sharp Cooking displays recipes using a timeline style which helps you know exactly when to start or continue cooking your recipe and breaks it down nicely in easy to consume bits.

Android view recipe

The multiplier feature

Use the multiplier feature when you want to cook more or less of a recipe. For instance, if you want half the servings, use the multiplier 0.5. If you want double the servings, use 2.

Android multiplier feature

Cooking start time feature

To start cooking later but know exactly when it will be done later, use the start time feature. Just pick when you want to start cooking and Sharp Cooking will calculate all the steps. You can further adjust the interval between steps without time in the Settings page.

Android start time

Printing a recipe

Sometimes you just want to have that recipe in a pice of good old paper. You can now print your recipes directly from Sharp Cooking app.

Android Printing a recipe

Focus mode (preview)

This feature is in preview and may change substantially before it is complete.
The focus mode allows you to focus on the recipe. It provides you bigger font for easier reading, narrates the recipe, and keeps track of time with built-in notifications to remind you the next step is due.

First, enable focus mode in the Settings > Preview Features > Focus Mode

Android focus mode

Sorting recipes

In the recipe list page you have the option to sort them by Title, Recently created or updated, and Rating. This allows you to see your recipes in whichever order you prefer.

Android sort recipe

Keeping screen on

There is nothing more annoying than the phone screen shutting down while you are cooking and have something on your hands. You can now disable the screen lock right from the recipe display.

Android keep screen on