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Creating a backup to keep your recipes safe

Sharp Cooking was designed for privacy, therefore, all of your data is only available in your device. In the interest of ensuring you remain in control of your data, Sharp Cooking does not automatically backup your recipes. Instead, you need to use the Backup feature in the Settings page, it will download a file and allow you save to your favorite file store provider such as ICloud Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

iOS options ➡️ iOS backup file

Restoring a backup

Backups are restored on top of existing data so you may create duplicates if the same recipe exist in the app and in the backup.

In case you made any mistake or something is wrong with your recipes, you can use the Restore feature in the Settings page to restore your last backup. Both the legacy .zip and the new .json formats are accepted.That’s it. That’s it. Your full recipe book will be restored.